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Lion Discovers New Subatomic Particle!

Lion Monk Discovers New Subatomic Particle! You’ve all heard  of protons, neutrons and electrons. Well I have exciting news for you. Recently I came across a phenomena entirely unknown to modern science. Right at this moment, lurking in the darkest corners of the universe, are minute particles of pure evil, which I have dubbed ‘eviltons’.Eviltons hide…

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Jesus Molecules

I’m just getting back into the rhythm of writing my science column here. My latest research has revealed that we have so many molecules in our body, and they get spread around so much after we die, through wind and rain and plants breathing and ocean currents swirling, that the odds are good that every…

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Science is for the Birds

A while ago I read about some Australian scientists who think that crocodiles are birds. I’m just waiting for them to announce that horses are insects, fish enjoy studying particle physics and octopuses can easily be taught to play the piano. Here’s how they reached this astonishing conclusion. They picked on three large crocodiles that…

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