"Less like homework, and more like a love story".

OK. This is where we start making this real.

All of my keynotes, workshops and courses include practical instruction and a live meditation experience.

Despite the long list of life-enriching benefits of meditation, many people who try it give up because they find it dry or boring, or just hard. In my training programs you and your teams will learn how to make meditation a joyful experience.

The Monk's Dude Corporate Programs

Meditation: A Science & A Practice

Stress Less • Produce More • Smile More

From Inspiration to Innovation

Clear intuition • Creative flow • Brilliant ideas

Inner Team Harmony

Inclusion • Connection • Trust

Embrace Your Human Power • Befriend A.I. • Evolve on Purpose

The Power of Hope

Motivation • Optimism • Purpose

The Monk's Dude learning modes


Self awareness & breathing exercises

humans are the only animals that can consciously control their breathing.

walking meditation

Walking meditation

a focusing challenge to prove to you that you can concentrate.

Now that deserves an applause

Inspirational learning sessions

wisdom of the ages shared through often very funny stories.

In board room gathered multi racial business people focus on serious middle eastern ethnicity team leader talking about strategy, corporate goals, share ideas, solve problems together at group meeting

Small and large group discussions

community support is critical to habit development

musical sound healing

Powerful music experiences

the right music is key to making your meditation experience more enjoyable and effective


Group meditation

the right music is key to making your meditation experience more enjoyable and effective

The meditation tradition includes mindfulness, but there is so much more. Breathing techniques, diet and lifestyle to optimize longevity and brain health, visualisation and relaxation, yoga exercises, and mantra singing and chanting.

This last is something of a hidden gem - if you can overcome your fear of singing, this is the easiest entry point to effective silent meditation. The unique research of Australian scientist, Gemma Perry PHD found that for beginners, mantra chanting is much easier than silent meditation.

Phew! If you made it this far, you know lots about me. I'd love to know about you. Let's meet!