The Monk Dude - Dada Nabhaniilananda

American Critters

I’m moving to California next year and I’m worried. I’ve visited the US several times, and every time I get to confront a new kind of weird or dangerous animal. Last year I was driving through Northampton, Massachusetts, on a Tuesday afternoon, and I saw a bear crossing the road. A BEAR! On a Tuesday!…

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Australian Varmits

Australia sure is full of weird animals. In the years I lived there I faced near death on a daily basis. My first walk in the forest (or ‘bush’ as they call it down under) near Sydney started out fine. It was a beautiful day for a walk along the track by a river. I noticed what looked…

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The Amazing Truth (part 2)

Well, we’re back – finally! What an adventure. You know that some months ago my brave research lion Fifofus and I set off in my ‘Laws of Physics Violator XII’ spaceship to explore the surface of the mysterious Yoga Ball Planet that had been cluttering up our lounge and causing tidal surges in the sink.…

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