The Monk Dude - Dada Nabhaniilananda

Remarkable Meditators – Tarak at six years old

A couple of years ago I spent a week at a wonderful meditation retreat in Kansas, and it was really inspiring to see the children meditating. One of them was my young friend Tarak McLain who meditates every day. He is delightful and fun and loves to play like all boys, but he has a…

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The poet John Donne said that no one is an island, but I wonder. The funny thing about islands is that there is more to them than meets the eye. If we look at them jutting up out of the ocean, it is easy to think that they are all separate from one another. But…

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The Conscious Network

The Conscious Network Symposium at UC Berkeley last night was a spectacular success with 750+ people attending! The campus advisors told the students a month ago that they should book a smaller venue as there was no way we’d fill the Wheeler Auditorium. We did it anyway and we ran out of space. A highlight…

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