What are the Benefits of Meditation?

During the last four decades that I’ve been practicing meditation the public perception of this practice has shifted dramatically. In 1968 the Beatles brought meditation to the world [...]

Forty Years of Meditation

Forty years ago today I found myself walking up a forest path from my home in Wellington, New Zealand, headed for the Ananda Marga meditation center. I was [...]

10 Ways to Improve Your Meditation

Meditation is supposed to induce a simpler, less busy state of mind. But that does not mean that all you need to do is sit down, close your eyes [...]

5 Benefits of Meditation in Your Professional Life

Meditation is the oldest personal development technique in the world. It has way more than five benefits – this could easily have been a list of 100 meditation benefits. But these [...]

Meditation in the News: Dan Harris on Why He Meditates

Dan Harris – News Anchor for ABC’s Good Morning America, took up meditation a few years ago and is now an avid exponent of the practice. In his [...]

Five Ways to Tap Into Your Creativity and Wisdom

1. Spend Time Alone in Nature. To cultivate your own connection to the creative part of your mind, spend time alone in nature. Think of Walden and his [...]

Top 3 Ways To Open Your Third Eye

First, let’s get one thing clear. Humans have two eyes. You do not have an actual physical third eye. The term “third eye” is a metaphor, inspired by [...]

Review: Shun Yen Dance Performance

I attended this performance expecting an amazing Chinese cultural extravaganza, with a sprinkling of political messaging  about the persecution of the Falun Dafa (aka Falun Gong) religion in [...]

Pluto Demoted

Back in 2006 I wrote this series of articles. If you’ve been following the news, you will understand that the time has come to revisit it. Pluto Demoted [...]