Warriors of the Rainbow

75 minutes

Rio Earth Summit 1992 playing with Paul Winter

Rio Earth Summit 1992 playing for 5000 people with Paul Winter


I call my  music Spiritual Eco-Folk. My songs speak of spirituality, peace and love for our endangered Earth. I like to take the audience on a journey, blending music, images, stories, humor and meditation to create an experience that touches the heart and  awakens a new sense of hope for ourselves and the world.

What people say about Dada’s performance:

“Dada Nabhaniilananda combines the joy and mastery of his voice and instrument with a truly uplifting spiritual message. His songs of love and the universal spirit are a precious gift to all of humanity.”

Geoffrey Gordon – former tabla player with Jai Uttal & Krishna Das.

“Through his message and beautiful music, Dada Nabhaniilananda inspired us to re-commit to our meditation practice.  He is so centered, and his presence is at once calming and energizing.  He is an articulate speaker and an accomplished musician .. a beautiful weaving of Eastern and Western spirituality.”

– Reverend Catherine Padgett, Unity Church, Greensboro, North Carolina


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