Meditation Quickstart video class 3 from Dada Nabhaniilananda on Vimeo.

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  1. Lindsay on November 26, 2013 at 12:24 pm

    Hi Dada,
    I am very much enjoying your presentations. You bring a fresh perspective and great examples to help me get the “attitude” right.

    I must be truthful, I am not just a lapsed meditator, but a lapsed Margii meditator. My wife and I were involved in the Perth unit from the late 80’s to mid 90’s. It was Swedish Dada Dhritijananada (?) who initiated me. I guess you knew him and in fact you are very familiar to me as well. Somewhere?

    But in the mid 90’s we moved down to Bridgetown and eventually lost contact. The Didi’s would come and stay with us from time to time when they came to work on the land they had here. But eventually that stopped too. I think it was Didi Anandavitaraga who had her passport stolen on an overseas trip and couldn’t get back in to Australia. So then everything just stopped.

    Anyway, I haven’t lost my love for Baba and his work, just the “organisation” as it exists and existed in Perth. I always felt it was fairly dysfunctional and ‘cliquey’ – and if you weren’t in the in group – too bad. Now I hear of all sorts of splits and power plays and it all sounds just too awful for words. Ah, the temptations of ego!

    I have tinkered with a variety of belief systems, programs and meditation systems but beyond getting to the “feeling peaceful” state nothing much happens for me. I take your lesson about “you’re not really trying” to heart. I don’t think I really have tried so I have not advanced. Thank you for clear and pointed advice. So, I am “on the program” and putting meditation on the highest priority as you suggest. Looking forward to the next clip.

    Best Regards

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