1. A Journey to Clarity, Creativity and Connection

(First delivered as a keynote address for CISCO America Distributors Conference, Arizona, January 2014)


Today’s technology industry professionals typically face a common set of problems:

  • Too busy and stressed
  • Lacking the clarity needed to find creative solutions to problems
  • Too much thinking

Meditation has long been used as a way to naturally resolve these exact issues. Recent advances in brain monitoring technology confirm that these benefits of meditation are very real and lasting. As a result there is a fast growing trend in the corporate community to adopt meditation as a way to manage stress, tap into creativity, and develop greater empathy in teams.

Meditation is a kind of mental concentration. Focusing on a mantra, a particular word, or group of words, with a very positive  meaning, helps to induce a mood that enhances concentration. The right music before silent meditation adds an emotional element to the experience that makes it feel much easier.

This presentation closes with a first hand experience of music mantra and meditation, giving participants  a simple but powerful meditation technique that they can take away with them and use at home.

2. Creativity and Intuition – Taming Your Inner Dragon

(first delivered at the Path of Bliss Meditation and Yoga Conference, Austin, Texas, January 2013)

Luck Dragon

Problem 1 – getting in touch with the muse.

Problem 2 – once the muse turns up, how do we prevent it from turning on us and destroying us?

In the ancient science of Tantra Yoga creativity and intuition have long been understood as faculties of two of the higher layers of the mind. Specific meditation practices can help us to gain access to those levels, and enable us to balance our creative energies so that rather than becoming self-absorbed or self-destructive, we become inspired and uplifted.

“I attended Dada’s workshop on Creativity and Intuition. Besides being really inspired by the way Dada speaks from the heart, I’ve always been thinking how creativity can be a path to either destruction or elevation. I had my own theories, but Dada framed this in a sharp and methodic way, that will help me to work with my coaching clients.”

 Gustavo Prudente: Consultant, Coach, Author, Artist, from Brazil

 “I enjoyed Dada’s workshop on intuition and Creativity and Intuition. The really key thing for me was this tension in creative people between the self-destructive and transcendence, not only in artists like Dada, but in the scientist I’ve know who are particularly brilliant, but also troubled. The practices that Dada and I teach from our yogic tradition are ideal tools, designed to take one to a higher level. They can take you from a place of inner darkness to a place of inner peace, without sacrificing your creativity”

Bruce McKuen Phd:Research Scientist in Bio-Medical Engineering

3. The Revolution of Love


(This is an extract from my TEDx talk in New York on August 4th, 2013. You can watch the video by clicking on the appropriate button on the right.)

When I was young I was convinced that human beings were going to destroy the world through nuclear war. I am glad to report that this did not happen. Instead they ended the Cold War, which seems like a much better idea.

Despite all the suffering and exploitation in the world, every day I see reasons to hope.

In 2008 the Ecuadorian Government amended their constitution to recognize the inalienable rights of eco-systems to exist and flourish.

Just weeks go India officially recognized dolphins as non-human persons, whose rights to life and liberty must be respected. So if you see a dolphin swimming by squeaking excitedly in Hindi, you’ll know that those dolphins are keeping up with the news.

Recently I met a young lady called Vivienne Harr who started a campaign to end child slavery. In one year she has raised more than a million dollars, selling lemonade. Vivienne is nine years old.

The world is changing. Paul Hawken, in his amazing book, Blessed Unrest describes the millions of organizations dedicated to social justice and environmental sustainability. This is the largest social movement in the history of the world, yet it has no name, leader, or location, and it has been largely ignored by politicians and the media.

The people in these organizations are connected by one common thread: a concern for the other, not just for the self. Finally we are evolving beyond the ego, moving from competition to co-operation, from nationalism to humanism, and from humanism to Neo-Humanism, embracing all life. This the beginning of a Revolution of Love.


4. Fine Tune Your Mind

(delivered multiple times for community groups and yoga and church groups through 2011, 2012)

Before playing, a musician always tunes his or her instrument. We human beings have been gifted with the finest instrument in the universe – a human brain and mind. Yet how many of us tune it properly before we start our day? How many of us even know how?

In this workshop Dada teaches how to fine tune your mind using music, mantra and meditation.

“That was fantastic, it was fantastic, I can’t tell you… I went into a state of peace and calm – it was so welcome. Thank you for that experience.” – Wendy Mclure, Architect, San Francisco.

“What an extraordinary and heart opening experience. Informative, inspiring, and lots of fun. Dada N combines humour, deep insight, and tremendous knowledge of the spiritual path. A really rare opportunity.” – Susan Feathers – Asst Dean of Law, Stanford University, California


5. Yogic Meditation – A Technology for Conscious Evolution

(Delivered multiple times at UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz during 2012, 2013.)

Conscious Evolution

If you want to know what meditation is really all about, this is for you. Using a selection of the best material from his Meditation book and study course, Dada presents an overview of the whole topic. You will learn, in very practical terms, what meditation is, what it is not, what it is for, and how to practice it and make it work for you.

Dada has collected hundreds of anecdotes after 30+ years of teaching. If you’ve faced a problem with meditation, you’d better believe that he’s heard it before. This is where he gives you the solutions.





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  1. Claire on August 19, 2013 at 1:28 pm

    I met Dada at a TEDx conference where he gave a workshop on The Revolution of Love. He shared this keynote script there. He led the workshop with an inviting tone of voice and soothing sound of guitar. He incorporated with a sense of humor to his knowledge and guided the audience to take a spiritual journey. It was a fun to go from a place of musical mood to inner peace under his guidance.

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