Meditation & Yoga Retreat

Los Altos Hills, April 7 – 9, 2017

Cliffs of Moire at night

Transform your meditation experience with a two day immersive experience in the company of other practitioners in a beautiful forest environment.


  • Yoga classes
  • Games
  • Kiirtan chanting
  • Meditation Secrets
  • Philosophy discussions
  • Music
  • Forest walk

Special Workshops

Saturday Morning: Meditation & Creativity. Dada Nabhaniilananda

Pretty much everyone comes up a great idea at least once in a while. But when they come, and how often seems to be beyond our control. There’s something that both Disney Studios and the ancient Yogis of India understood: to optimize our creativity we need to learn to control our states of mind. In this workshop you will learn how to do that through meditation, art and music.

Sunday Morning: The Secret of Meditation & The Heart Circle

Some people find meditation difficult because when they first start practising they do not feel any different. Through a simple shift in perspective, we can make our meditation a richly emotional, uplifting experience. After this your meditation will never feel like homework. Then we learn a special chanting technique called a Heart Circle Kiirtan.  Using music and mantra chanting we create such a beautiful atmosphere that everyone in the group feels a flow of love as their hearts open to the experience of the divine love within. 


Dada Nabhaniilananda, Didi Ananda Lalita, Jayamala

“We awoke each morning to the gentle sound of kiirtan and the sun peeking through the oaks and carried that sense of serenity and interconnectedness throughout the rest of the day. This retreat allowed me to refocus on what is truly important, and to meet others who are walking this same spiritual path. I greatly look forward to my next visit!!”

– Kelly Morgan

“I came to this retreat searching for some fundamental answers about my life and its direction. I was surprised to receive more than what I was looking for. Dada and Didi are both beautiful souls with contagious smiles, radiating a tangible kindness, ready with wise advice and gentle guidance. 

It goes without saying that the yoga we did strengthened my body, the meditation strengthened my mind, but putting these two in synchrony had the synergistic effect of strengthening my commitment to service. 

Prepare yourselves for more than just spiritual fulfillment, but also sunsets and moon shadows. You’ll begin to see the harmony within ourselves, our fellow brothers and sisters, and maybe even the cosmos.”

– Alexandra McGee


Time: 6pm Friday April 7th – 5pm Sunday April 9th.

Location: Ananda Marga Meditation & Yoga Centre, 27160 Moody Rd, Los Altos Hills, CA 94022.

Enquiries: Akilesha     tel. 650 400 6223


Rainjita: Amazing vegetarian food

Sainjay: Accommodation

Everyone:  Create a fabulous, blissful event and a great family feeling!

Registration and Accommodation: includes food, instruction and for a limited number, rudimentary accommodation. If you live nearby, you may prefer to sleep at home rather than bedding down on the floor. We only have overnight space for 13. Those spaces always fill up, so if you want to stay overnight get in early!

Register Here by March 24th for early bird rate:

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