Meditation Quickstart Part 4: Tools to help you Start a Regular Practice from Dada Nabhaniilananda on Vimeo.

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“I’ve been reading the guide book of the Meditation pack and I have got to say, it is the most accessible I’ve ever had my hands on.”

– Jimena Page, Founder of ABC Trust, a charity for Brazilian Children, and former wife of Jimmy Page (yes, THE Jimmy Page, guitarist and producer for Led Zeppelin).

5 stars best“The course was amazingly inspiring. It gave me the oomph to really set my mind on each aspect of the course and do it! I now feel something indescribable in my meditation I hadn’t ever felt before and did not feel at the start of the course. I will definitely continue to meditate twice daily and meditate regularly with a group.”

– Bob Eklund. Homepath. – Tennessee

“I am using this course to teach a meditation class. It is an eight week class and the students read a chapter a week. The students are enjoying the structure, journaling and targets for each chapter. We meditate for twenty minutes at the beginning of each class before beginning the sharing and feedback about their practice. The book and the manual give the students something to use at home to reenforce their daily meditation and inspire them to continue on their own. This is an excellent way to begin to learn meditation and to encourage others to do so, as well.”

Ruth Li – School Teacher – Washington DC

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What makes this course different?

1. Simple, clear instructions

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This is meditation paint by numbers. Each week you are given simple exercises to do. And you are guided through the process of creating a meditation routine that suits your lifestyle and situation. No more wondering when to do what – just join the dots and they’ll lead you down the path of bliss!

2. Self Monitoring Tools

Most new meditators find it difficult to establish a regular practice routine. This course provides you with tools to help you set up a structured practice that you will develop over the 8 weeks of study.

3. Custom Created Music

The music accompanying the mantras was composed, played and produced by World class Norwegian artist Sukha Deva (Nils Einar Vijnor), considered one of the top guitarists in Europe, leading one commentator to say, “it is hard to say who is the best guitarist in Norway as there are so many different styles, but if I had to pick one it would be Nils Einar Vijnor because he plays so beautifully.”Student Dude listening

His music appears on most of the guided meditation recordings, and the bonus gift is a selection of his most beautiful work from his long career.

4. The Voice of Experience

Dada Nabhaniilananda is not a casual, part time meditator. He is a direct disciple of Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, and has dedicated his life to this practice as a monk and teacher since 1979. In this course, you are getting the essence of all he has learned in more than 35 years of practice.

5. A Powerful Modern Mantra

Mantras have been used in chanting and meditation for thousands of years. A spiritual mantra has a particularly powerful effect after it is energized by an enlightened Master. Most mantras in use today were energized thousands of years ago by great yogis like Shiva and Krishna. They still carry spiritual power, but just as a magnet loses its charge over time, they have lost much of their original potency. In the 20th Century the Tantric Master Shrii Shrii Anandamurti re-energized certain mantras, and created a new Universal mantra for the modern age.
This might all sound a bit esoteric, but my experience bears this out. Again and again I’ve witnessed the amazement of people from all kinds of different spiritual traditions upon experiencing extraordinary effect from chanting this mantra. I’ve sung it all over the world in churches and temples and at huge festivals with thousands of people. And whereever I have used it people remark on its extraordinary effect.

when you grow upTrue Story: At a chanting and meditation workshop in California the students introduced themselves. One man said, “I’m Claude, and I’m only here because my wife convinced me to come – I don’t really believe in this kind of thing.” After the group had chanted this mantra for the first time Claude tried to explain how he felt, but was unable to, all he could say through his tears was, “incredible…. incredible.”

 6. Incentives

Incentives are very important for any student, but particularly if you studying on your own. Upon completion of study course, you have an opportunity to receive free personal consultation with an experienced teacher. Nothing like a carrot to motivate you through the difficult patches.

7. Personal SupportStudent Dude talking

When you register with this website you will be given the chance to connect with a “meditation buddy”. This will be either someone who is doing the course like you, or a more experienced meditator, and the two of you will be guided through a simple process of online support, checking in with one another once a week by phone, skype or email, encouraging one another to practice, and discussing the exercises. You may be practicing at home, but you will not be alone.