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The Value of Meditation for Companies

More than 35% of US Corporations offer meditation or mindfulness training to their employees: Google, Apple, IBM, Intel, McKinsey & Company, General Electric, General Mills, Nike, Sony, Ford, Target, IKEA, eBay, LinkedIn, and the U.S. Marines, to name a few. What is driving this trend? After all, meditation has a history dating back more than…

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Meditation Q&A Video 03: Why is Meditation so Popular These Days?

Meditation and mindfulness are very much in the news these days, and it seems like all sorts of people, including a long list of celebrities, are trying it And it’s not just eccentric Hollywood stars and top athletes. Now even corporate icons and politicians are advocating meditation. Here’s a fairly random and very incomplete list…

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Meditation is Useless: 7 of Your Doubts, Answered

Meditation is wrapped around misconceptions. Some think it’s just woo-woo and while others dismiss meditation as an activity only for hippies and vegan yogis on a retreat in India. We’ve rounded up some favorite questions and statements from the most uncompromising of skeptics, and answered them in the most practical manner. No woo-woo, we promise.   I don’t fancy sitting…

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