Learn to Play Kiirtan Like a Pro.

Have you ever watched someone playing guitar and singing kiirtan and wished that was you?

Now you can learn to play like that too.



Learn to play 24 beautiful kiirtan tunes on guitar.

The best way I know of to make your meditation more blissful is by singing kiirtan. Music is the language of emotion, and kiirtan is the music of devotion. Awaken your inner devotional spirit with your favorite kiirtans and transform your meditation into a love story!

In each of the 24 teaching videos I show you the chords and walk you through the tune. We filmed the finger positions up close so you can clearly see how to play the chords. All you have to do is follow along and repeat (and repeat and repeat…)

For some tunes I show alternative ways of playing the tune, in case you want to do something more elaborate. But the easy option is always there.

I selected these tunes from various musicians around the world who love this kind of kiirtan. I also included a few new tunes of my own.

I hope you love singing these tunes as much as I do.

Here’s a free sample so you can see how great our kiirtan learning course is.



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