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There’s a reason why
Steve Jobs meditated

If you’ve ever felt stressed, emotionally out of balance, exhausted or out of harmony with yourself, you’re not alone. Just about everyone feels like this at some time. Thankfully, there is a natural, time-tested, scientifically-proven solution to our common 21st Century ailments: meditation.

Meditation is much more than just a way of managing bad feelings. As you begin to practice meditation, you’ll discover that your mind has much greater potential than you realized. Meditation then becomes a powerful tool for personal development, and a daily practice can be truly transformational.

  • Improve your sense of focus
  • Transform your personal relationships
  • Connect to your inner source of happiness
  • Cultivate your creativity and innovation
  • Discover true peace of mind

It’s no surprise that so many great thinkers, from Paul McCartney to Oprah Winfrey, made meditation a daily practice. And now, you can experience the transformational power of meditation in your own life.

What they’re saying
about this course

Loved it! Dada has a very gentle and lucid approach. I felt like I was being carried effortlessly into the heart of the meditative experience.

Donald Acosta

Love the music and mantra guided meditations. They make it easy to actually sit down and start meditation.

Atiba Jamal

With decades of experience of meditation Dada has created a gem. Lucid explanations beautiful kiirtans and guided meditation will inspire people to learn meditation and make it a habit.

Deepa Mallik
I’m ready to transform my life today.

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Dive into a multisensory
meditation experience

Discover how enriching content and multimedia make meditation something you actually look forward to! In this course, you will take part in a multisensory experience including:

Clear, simple explanations of the meditation process Clear, simple explanations of the meditation process
Music that creates the right mood for meditation Music that creates the right mood for meditation
Exercises and visualizations that transform concepts into action Exercises and visualizations that transform concepts into action
Ancient secrets from the yoga tradition that deepen your knowledge Ancient secrets from the yoga tradition that deepen your knowledge
Engaging reading materials Engaging reading materials
Real support from Dada and your fellow students Real support from Dada and your fellow students

“Over the last 40 years of daily practice, meditation has helped me to develop the qualities I need for a deeply fulfilling and happy life—qualities like peace of mind, concentration, improved memory, constant optimism, enhanced creativity, and a growing sense of joy and connection to and love for all.”

Dada Nabhaniilananda (“The Monk Dude”)

8,000+ meditation students worldwide

Instructor in 15 countries

37+ years teaching meditation

Meditation book, “Close Your Eyes and Open Your Mind”, printed in 12 languages

I’m ready to transform my life today.

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More reasons to start your
transformation today

From beginning to end, this course is an entertaining dive into the world of meditation.


Meet Dada, download your free course materials and get ready to start the course!

Class 1: Why meditate?

Outline your goals and objectives so that you can measure your progress along the way.

Class 2: Meditation fundamentals

Join Dada for a journey into the fundamentals of meditation.

Class 3: Close your eyes

Begin exploring the inner process in your first guided meditation.

Class 4: Letting go of the world

Become free from the addictions and attachments that disturb your mind.

Class 5: Mindfulness & beyond

Discover the principles and keys to concentration.

Class 6: Improving concentration

Apply these principles as you take your concentration to the next level.

Class 7: Mantra: The song of the inner world

Explore how sound and music can enhance your meditation experience.

Class 8: Mantra: As you think, so you become

Engage in a guided musical meditation and harness the power of imagination to take you where you want to go.

Onward and inward

Discover simple ways to continue your meditation journey.

Teaching Sessions

High quality videos, audios and articles from Dada

Community Access

Exclusive Discussions Forum for people taking this course

Exercises & Quizzes

You will be guided on how to put the learning into action


Dada Nabhaniilananda

Dada Nabhaniilananda, also known as “The Monk Dude,” is a speaker, author, musician and yoga monk who has spent the last 30+ years helping people around the world unlock the power of meditation. Guided by vast teaching experience and his signature wit, Dada makes meditation meaningful, and fun, for both beginners and experienced practitioners.

“Dada is an amazing, compassionate and gifted meditation teacher, and a wonderful musician. The skills I learned [from his meditation course] had a profound impact on my life and happiness. I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to study with him!”
– Emily Feinstein, Policy to Practice Program Director, CASAColumbia

Dada Nabhaniilananda

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Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will I see results?

Meditation isn’t a one-day process; it’s a transformative daily practice that will change your
life inside and out. Many students say they begin to feel a difference the first day they begin
meditating, but you’ll feel the most impact if you make this a part of your regular routine.
Luckily, the course has been designed to help you begin, practice and stick with this new
life-changing practice!

Will I be able to do this program while working?

Absolutely! The course is easy to incorporate into your everyday life,
and you can easily begin and end lessons when it’s convenient for you.
(But don’t skip the guided meditations; this is the secret to getting
the most out of our time together!)

How will I access the course?

You can easily access this course through any of your devices, and it looks great on mobile,
tablet or desktop. After purchasing the course, you will have instant access to all 8 lessons
and the course materials (including Dada’s eBook and a daily meditation journal).