The Bliss Timer Phone App.

Most People Who Learn Meditation Do Not Continue Practicing

Many people want to experience the benefits of meditation, and attend a workshop or class, but have trouble establishing a disciplined routine. The reasons are many: They are busy. They forget. They find meditation harder than they expected. They get distracted by social media or their phone.

But maybe that naughty distracting phone can actually help provide a solution.

Why a Meditation Phone App?

Billions of people use phone apps every day. Those same billions use the internet to visit websites every day but if we compare the power of an app and a website, the app wins hands down.

Think about how people use apps. The average user has 85 apps in their phone and checks their phone 65 times a day. Once your app is there, it usually stays there. Push notifications may remind users to check your app regularly. Your website, on the other hand, is a place they might visit once, and never return to. It is easily forgotten. You have to keep reminding people to visit by posting new content and sending them emails which 80% of them never open. That’s why 90% of Fortune 500 companies have apps. It is now the no 1 tool for businesses. The brand awareness it creates is insanely effective.

The Bliss Timer Meditation App will be a friend that lives in someone’s pocket, reminding them to meditate 65 times a day.

This free app will make it much easier for anyone to establish a regular meditation practice because:

  • They will have immediate access to a choice of beautiful kiirtan recordings and guided meditations including a timer.
  • Right on the spot their meditation class teacher, or their friend, can explain how to download and use the app. This will greatly increase the odds of them actually practicing after they get home.
  • When they register to use the app, they enter their email so you can keep in touch with them about future events, send them links to free online meditation resources and develop an ongoing relationship with them.
  • Phone apps are the first place most people look when they want to create a new habit. This fits right in with their existing lifestyle.

Here’s how the Bliss Timer Meditation app works:

The user is prompted to create a customized meditation experience:


They choose their kiirtan tune and the length of the tune.

Then they choose whether or not they want a spoken guided meditation, the length of their silent meditation, and what sound they want to end their meditation.

They give a name to that meditation experience and save it.

Now they have created a meditation experience they can use any time, or set an automatic reminder.

They can create as many of these as they want, choosing different tunes and different lengths of time.

Meditation for All

Every year, around the world, tens of thousands of people learn Baba Nam Kevalam meditation at Ananda Marga yoga classes or lectures or workshops run by our acaryas or margiis. The total number is probably between 100,000 and 300,000 people.

With the Bliss Timer Phone app. we give them a free, easy way to start practicing every day. This will dramatically increase the % of people who start meditating regularly.

What it will Take to Finish the app.

The Bliss Timer Meditation App is not yet complete. We’ve been working on the concept and design for a while and we just found the perfect person to turn all our beautiful ideas into an actual working app.

Enter brother Bhishma on white horse.


Bhishma is a wonderful new margii brother whom I initiated into meditation two years ago. He now has all six lessons of Sahaj Yoga and is very dedicated to the cause of Ananda Marga. He is a professional mobile app developer at Amazon.

Bhishma proposes that we hire a small team of 2 programmers in India, and he will supervise them as they develop the app. You can see some of the graphics above (not the guy on the horse).  We have already purchased the right to use all of Sukha Deva’s beautiful kiirtan recordings and the Sojha folks and I are just working out the details so we can use their fantastic recordings as well.


Bhishma has many years of experience developing apps. He is confident that with his team of engineers we will have a working version of the app. within six months. i.e. by November 15th 2017.

After that it will be an ongoing project, developing better versions, testing and adding new features, and creating multiple language versions so we can reach beyond the English speaking world to conquer the universe.

We may also adopt the ‘freemium’ model, where we always offer a free version, but also offer a paid premium version with more features. This would help to fund ongoing development of the project.

Budget for next six months

$9000 – Hire 2 programmers for six months.

$1000 – Purchase usage rights to Sojha’s kiirtan recordings

$2000 – Webpage and more graphics.

Total $12,000

How You Can Help

If your intuition has not completely shriveled up you will have figured out by now that we need your financial support to make this project a reality. Until we have the crowdfunding site set up we are taking donations by Paypal  account name:

Or if you want to claim a tax deduction you can send a check made out to Ananda Marga to:

Dada Nabhaniilananda, 27160 Moody Rd, Los Altos Hills, CA 94022.

Thank you so much for your support!