According to a 2010 IBM Study, Creativity is the most highly valued quality in future leaders, because it drives innovation.

“Certain meditation techniques can promote creative thinking, even if you have never meditated before.” - Leiden University Study, 2012.

The Monk Dude’s Mindfulness, Meditation & Creativity program helps professionals to become more Calm, Confident & Creative.

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Mindfulness & Creativity

“Creativity was selected as the most crucial factor for future success in business.” – IBM 2010 Global CEO Study

“Certain meditation techniques can promote creative thinking, even if you have never meditated before.” – Leiden University Study, 2012.

Mindfulness and Meditation are proven methods for opening the inner door to creativity, but it doesn’t stop there. Thousands of studies from institutions like Harvard, MIT and Stanford universities confirm that Meditation practice:

  • Reduces anxiety
  • Boosts immunity
  • Improves mood
  • Develops emotional intelligence

This is why 25% of US companies sponsor mindfulness or meditation programs on campus. But a major problem with many corporate mindfulness programs is that participants find meditation difficult and don’t continue their practice.

What makes The Monk Dude’s program more engaging and effective is:

  • Depth of experience. As a yoga monk, Dada has studied with the best in India and taught meditation for nearly 40 years.
  • Music. The right music can take your meditation from feeling like homework to feeling like an adventure.
  • Creativity Training to help talented professionals use meditation to enhance their mental performance and develop an innovative mindset.

So if you want to become more calm, confident, creative, and connected, talk to us.

Why Businesses Love Dada

Gopi Kallayil, Google

Gopi Kallayil, Google

“Dada through his corporate talks brings in a unique blend of ancient wisdom traditions, an understanding of life in today’s world, a refreshingly practical approach that will work in a corporation, and a wicked sense of humor.”

Aileen Cureton, Facebook

Aileen Cureton, Facebook

“I bring in speakers all the time for Facebook. Dada was by far the most charismatic speaker we have ever had. He engaged people in a way I haven’t seen before.”

Maryann Baumgarten, SLAC

Maryann Baumgarten, SLAC

“Dada embodies creativity and his teachings help make meditation simple for busy people with busy minds. His talks, classes and consultation help you access your innate gifts which leads to enhanced creativity and innovation. I highly recommend Dada for individuals and organizations that want to get unstuck and take their performance and lives to a higher level.”

Lubab Sheet-Davis, Lam Research

Lubab Sheet-Davis, Lam Research

“We piloted a meditation and creativity training program, and the meditation training really helped in stress management and overall better well being. It has become another tool for our team to use in driving an open mindset which is key for creativity and innovation.”

Meet The Monk Dude

Dada Nabhaniilananda

Mindfulness & Creativity Consultant

Dada is a yoga monk, a meditation instructor, an author, a keynote speaker and a musician. Born in New Zealand, he was ordained as a monk in India in 1979. Dada has appeared on stage with the Dalai Lama, taught or performed in more than 40 countries and has spoken for TEDx, NVIDIA, Google, CISCO, Lam Research Intel and Facebook.

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