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Forty years ago today I found myself walking up a forest path from my home in Wellington, New Zealand, headed for the Ananda Marga meditation center. I was about to take initiation on the path of tantric meditation. Not the weird erotic cult kind, (sorry if that disappoints you) but the genuine ancient path of [...]

Meditation is supposed to induce a simpler, less busy state of mind. But that does not mean that all you need to do is sit down, close your eyes and hey presto: land of peace and bliss! If you've tried this you’ll know it’s not that easy. Just as you need to warm up before playing sports, or practice [...]

I believe that love will change the world. Many wiser and greater people than I have said this before, but I couldn’t help noticing that not everyone seems to be listening, so I’m saying it again. Not only wise and great people say this, even musicians say it. Musicians like The Beatles: “All you need [...]

Meditation is wrapped around misconceptions. Some think it's just woo-woo and while others dismiss meditation as an activity only for hippies and vegan yogis on a retreat in India. We've rounded up some favorite questions and statements from the most uncompromising of skeptics, and answered them in the most practical manner. No woo-woo, we promise.   I don't fancy sitting [...]

Recently I saw the Premiere of the new Showtime series, Billions, featuring two multi-dimensional characters: Chuck Rhoades, a super integritous* US attorney and Bobby ‘Axe’ Axelrod, a billionaire hedge fund tycoon, squaring off for combat. It’s a fun show for sure, but I’m wondering, was I the only one who noticed themboth meditating? Rhoades, the [...]

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