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Forty years ago today I found myself walking up a forest path from my home in Wellington, New Zealand, headed for the Ananda Marga meditation center. I was about to take initiation on the path of tantric meditation. Not the weird erotic cult kind, (sorry if that disappoints you) but the genuine ancient path of [...]

Meditation is supposed to induce a simpler, less busy state of mind. But that does not mean that all you need to do is sit down, close your eyes and hey presto: land of peace and bliss! If you've tried this you’ll know it’s not that easy. Just as you need to warm up before playing sports, or practice [...]

I believe that love will change the world. Many wiser and greater people than I have said this before, but I couldn’t help noticing that not everyone seems to be listening, so I’m saying it again. Not only wise and great people say this, even musicians say it. Musicians like The Beatles: “All you need [...]

The van slowed and lurched as we drove over a hump in the road, a ‘Tope’ as we call them here in Mexico. This was perhaps the 800th Tope we'd encountered on the road from Huatulco on the West Coast to Pueblo, near Mexico city, and we’d only been driving for 20 minutes. Near relatives of the Mexican Tope have [...]

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