Blue Whale with Calf

The blue whale is the largest animal ever to live on our planet, and one of the most intelligent and sensitive. In 1984 I visited the Greenpeace office in Adelaide, Australia, and they told me that blue whales are most likely already biologically extinct, because their were so few of them left that they couldn’t easily find one another in the vast oceans in order to meet and mate and breed. I went home, my mind filled with this heart-breaking image of the last of the species searching for companionship, and wrote this song.
A short time later I was in India with my Guru, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, when he started talking with me about the tragic extinction of so many beautiful animals and how they also have a right to exist. I remember how there was such sadness in his voice when he said to me, “and the great whales, do we have the right to destroy them?”
So I figured he thought my song was OK. Today is Earth Day, so I’d like to share it with you. It is kind of sad, so bring tissues.

Part of this recording are from a performance in Taiwan, so you can hear parts of the Chinese translation in the introduction.

Ocean of Tears
© Dada Nabhaniilananda 1984

I am calling, can you hear me? 
I am crying, can you see me?
I am searching, can you find me?
As I’ve searched now for ten years with no reply.

I remember one gray Antarctic day,
I lost my mother whilst fleeing from a killer ship
An explosion then hearing her last agony
As she disappeared in a spreading sea of red.

I am calling, can you hear me?
I am crying, can you see me?
I am searching, can you find me?
As I’ve searched now for ten years with no reply.

I have swum beneath the ice and roamed across the sea,
I have sung far reaching songs you could not hear,
But in case I’m not the only one who’s left alive,
I have to go on searching till I die.

Perhaps I’m not the last, I may never know,
If another whale sings a song like mine.
Who are these that come destroying us without a cause?
I did not believe in demons till today.

Oh take me far away, to where my friends are now,
In the ice-blue sea, where the sea lions play
I recall those days, there were others then,
We were few but I was not alone.

Will I ever see one of my own kind again?
If I never see one of my own kind again,
When I’m gone from this world we will all be gone,
And you can dance on the ocean of our tears.

🐋Good News! You Can Put Away the Tissues 🐋
This story has a happy ending. It turns out that Greenpeace was wrong! In recent years blue whale numbers have been increasing, currently at a rate of about 7% p.a.
In 2015 I was blessed to see five blue whales off the coast of Los Angeles. An 80 foot mother came right up to our boat with her cute, 30 foot calf. Natural magic. 🐬🌈🦄
Now these amazing, beautiful animals feel safe around their former enemies. If we can awaken compassion and expand the periphery of our love to include all beings, there is hope for us all. ❤️🙏

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