Pretty much everyone I know says that they’re stressed. Fortunately few of them seem to be dying from it yet, but too much stress over a long period can definitely have a serious impact on your health.Being Dead

You probably know that there are now tons of studies indicating that regular meditation can reduce stress to a healthy level. So if you’re over-stressed, (and if you belong in the category of ‘pretty much everyone’ then you probably are), the answer is ‘in your face’ level obvious:

Meditate, don’t Medicate

Here’s how it works:

Stressed + Meditation = Not so stressed


Now I’m always telling people that meditation is not actually intended for stress relief and that this is just a side effect and that meditation is really all about enlightenment and the Cosmic Bliss Explosion and loving cucumbers and caterpillars and all of the other peculiar items of creation that appear before us etc. And that is true enough.

However, the fact is that I’m more than capable of getting quite stressed myself and I know that if I didn’t meditate regularly I’d probably be one of those people who is already dead from it.Beatles stressed


If this end-of-year madness with parties and social obligations and too much good food and bad drink and deadlines (hopefully not dead lions) and planning holidays and racking your brain to figure out what you could give all those people who have too much stuff already as presents, not to mention PAYING for all of it, is getting you just a little more stressed than usual, I’m not issuing any gold stars for guessing what you need to do.

That’s right – you need to meditate!

A lot of people know this already but at first glance meditating looks kind of hard and seems like just one more problem and makes them feel more stressed. Which looks like this:

Pre-Christmas Stress + Knowing you ought to meditate but not ACTUALLY meditating = MORE stress

Tragic. Especially as it is completely unnecessary.

Because I have the solution.

I have spent a great part of the past 35 years experimenting on my (willing) students, learning and perfecting an approach to meditation that makes it easy, enjoyable and effective. Which dramatically increases the likelihood of people ACTUALLY meditating.

It’s EASY because I use specially recorded music to prepare the emotional ground for meditation. No more struggling with ‘trying to stop thinking’.

It’s ENJOYABLE because I use a lot of stories, jokes, interactive exercises in my teaching. No more boring philosophy tomes.

It’s EFFECTIVE because I teach the ancient science of mantra to take your meditation to a level of deep peace. No more superficial techniques that don’t bring long term benefit.

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