The Corporate Demo Video

Last Friday we filmed my talk at Intel, and together with the footage from my talk at Facebook and other events, we now have all the footage we need to create this demo video. The marketing company I’m working with, ProSpeakerContent should be able to complete editing in the next two weeks. This demo video is critical to our strategy to bring spiritual meditation to the business world. We will place the video with event co-ordinators and speaker bureaus, and distribute it through our own network of contacts in the business world, in order to open up many more opportunities to teach meditation at different companies.

My presentations on Meditation, Leadership and Creativity  for CISCO, Google, Facebook and Intel have generated a lot of interest. We now have quite a list of people waiting to give the demo video to their contacts.

This short video is a key element in our strategy. It will highlight the value I bring to companies through meditation and kiirtan.

CISCO - gandalf copyThis has been a long journey, learning about how to communicate the value of meditation to the corporate community,  developing my presentation, meeting and getting to know the people who have invited me to speak at their organizations, and now creating this demonstration of what I offer. We are finally at the point where all this work will bear fruit. I would be very excited, if I were not a yogi who is utterly detached and calm about everything and is unaffected by such mundane matters…

State of Play: Now the Intel talk is done, we are editing and the video should be ready in two weeks.

Costs: This has already cost more than $1000 and will cost at least another $2000.

Target: November. If we can put the demo video in the hands of event planners and speaking agencies in late November, we should get bookings for the spring conference season in 2015.

Action Steps

We still need another $9,200 of the $18,000 total that we’re trying to raise. Now all contributions are met $ for $ from a matching fund, so everything you give will be doubled. So please:

1. Share this link with friends on Facebook, email etc. especially anyone outside my circle who has not heard about this before.

2. If you know anyone who you think my be particularly inspired by this, and has some disposable income, please talk to them about it personally. The main progress in this campaign has come from a fairly small number of more generous contributors.

3. And of course if you have already contributed and are inspired to add something to your original contribution, that would highly appreciated!

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