Right now I’d be all excited, if it were not for the fact that I’m a cool, calm yogi and I don’t get excited over minor ripples in the space time continuum. Such as the one caused in my brain by my embarking on a really cool new project.
This afternoon I had my first pre-production meeting with director Shawn Viaggi and the remarkable Rebecca, to plan the new Video Series based on my book, Close Your Eyes & Open Your Mind. Shooting starts in September.
When I first sat down to write that book I never imagined that I had spawned a monster. Little did I know that it would mutate and multiply into three editions marking the evolution of my writing. And that it would spread across the world, morphing into different languages:
English. Originally British English (i.e. Real English), but for Edition 3 I finally surrendered to American English (lit. ‘Enemy English), for which I actually had to get it translated! I hope I do not go to hell for this.
Portuguese (European)
Portuguese (Brazilian – they wanted their own version)
The Norwegian and Italian translations are just finished and Bengali, Hindi, Oriya, Vietnamese and Romanian are in the pipeline.
But my book’s appetites were still not satisfied with a mere globe spanning array of translations. Intent on total world conquest it grew into a Meditation Home Study Courseincluding an audio book, a set of guided meditations with music, and a workbook.
It seems that the famous yoga wisdom saying, “in the living being, there is a thirst for limitlessness”, also applies to certain inorganic objects like this book. Very strange. I fear it is growing a brain.
Now it wants to make a whole video series about itself. We’re going to include whiteboard animation, answer readers questions, practitioner’s testimonials, special meditation exercises – I think it’s going to be really good!
I’m impressed by how creative this admittedly self obsessed little creature has become, mutating into such a variety of forms. This video series promises to be the best version of all. And then there’s the phone app in development (I’m serious), which I think will be better yet.
At least until the Close Your Eyes action figures come out…

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  1. Vijay on July 31, 2014 at 10:43 pm

    I for one can’t wait for the video game. It’ll be more popular than Half Life 3! You could make it compatible with Oculus Rift for a groovy VR meditation experience 😀

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