I just uploaded my new novel to the printers. It is due for release in a couple of weeks. I’ve been working on this for a good chunk of forever. Here’s the synopsis and the cover, which I think is so pretty it looks edible, except that it might bite me back.

In Book One of The Microvita Tree, the intrepid Doctor Dogalogue is sent to Earth from Zondgraz in the fourteenth century on a mission to find the last remaining seed of the microvita tree in the long-submerged ruins of Atlantis. If he is successful in recovering the seed and replanting this magical tree, when it blossoms it will release a flow of spiritual energy that will transform the planet, ushering in a golden age of enlightened consciousness. But the only ones who know how to find Atlantis are Nefarious, the evil wizard, and Joe, the most fearsome dragon in the universe.

Real Dragons Cover final

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