Monk Dude’s Log: Earth Day 21, 550. 59 solar orbits completed.

On November the 5th, when I wailed my first wail in Napier General Hospital, 320,000 other Earthlings also took birth. The day this army of Scorpios emerged into your world was a Saturday.

The next day God did it all over again, even though He was supposed to be resting.

back-to-the-future-deloreanDelorean date







So far as I know, nothing else of great significance occurred on that day, unless you count the fact that in the movie, Back to the Future, the time traveling Delorean car went back to this same day, same year. Coincidence? I think not.

Now that we have established the historical significance of this day, we come to the somewhat delicate matter of… Presents!

On Hobbit Birthdays, the birthday person distributes gifts to all, rather than receiving them. So presents tend to get recycled. Those are some very environmentally aware Hobbits.

But I have a different kind of plan, though no less ambitious. I want to give a spiritual present to one million people. I’m creating a meditation phone app that will include a selection of beautiful spiritual chants (kiirtans) and guided meditations, and I want to give it away to the world. The app is already in development, as are a series of supporting videos. To complete this project I need your help.

So just in case you are wondering what you might give me for my 21,550th birthday, you could help me give a gift to the world by telling everyone you know about my crowdfunding campaign and supporting it yourself:

Click Here to support The Enlightened Leader Project

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