I had to respond to the following quote, posted on Facebook:

“It is useless to discuss the peace of the world. What is necessary just now is to create peace in ourselves that we, ourselves, become examples of love, harmony and peace. That is the only way of saving the world and ourselves.” – Hazrat Inayat Khan

With ironically enough, this symbol beneath it.

pratik Shiva

I cannot wholly agree with Hazrat Khan’s statement. It is only half the story, and reflects a dualistic outlook, dividing the inner and outer worlds, rather than viewing all as expressions of the divine.

The six pointed star, or Pratik, which was the symbol of Shiva 7000 years ago, represents a balance of personal spiritual development and action to serve others and remove the causes of suffering. In other words, spiritual activism. Each supports the other – selfless service helps us to develop personally, and our inner work lays the foundation for a better world populated by more loving, aware individuals.

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