The Heart Circle – Awakening Love Through Spiritual ChantEgo Umbrella copy

90 minutes

In this workshop Dada teaches participants a special exercise to fine tune their minds. It is called a Heart Circle, in which we take turns chanting a universal mantra to one another and meditating to feel the effect more deeply. This creates an atmosphere of spiritual bliss that most people seldom experience. Dada has led hundreds of groups through this process and every time they are amazed at how quickly  it opens their hearts and minds in ways they never expected.

“I’m only here because my wife made me come. I wasn’t expecting anything at all. But it was incredible. I can’t describe the feeling – just incredible…” at this point Claude was unable to speak as he was overcome with emotion.

“I used to think that in order to be happy, I had to be with someone. But now I realized that I’m somebody.” – Maria, San Jose.

Close Your Eyes & Open Your Mind – An Introduction to Spiritual Meditation

Close Your Eyes & Open Your Mind - a Practical Guide to Spiritual Meditation

180 minutes

Some people find it difficult to get into a regular meditation practice because they do not get the results they hoped for. Knowing the right technique can make all the difference. In this workshop you will learn a simple but powerful technique that will help you to experience meditation as a natural flow rather than something difficult. You will finally have the wonderful benefits of this ancient practice within your grasp.

The workshop includes:

◦ Mantra chanting & Meditation

◦ Spiritual music

◦ How to start your own practice at home

◦ Self analysis exercises

◦ An opportunity to learn your personal mantra (free of charge)


“Not only did my blood pressure drop significantly, I feel a deeper sense of inner peace.”

– Judith Cureton

“It was a wonderful experience. I was able to get deeper into meditation than I ever have.”

– Brittney Wendell

“I’m meditating at least two times a day… without your wonderful guidance this would probably not have happened.”
– Ted Krotkiewski

“Thank you, again. Last night’s workshop was great! Sheer happiness.”

– Salina Mundoz

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