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May 22 – 27, 2013.  Los Altos Hills

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Five days of Love, Peace and Meditation! Imagine Woodstock without the crowds or drugs, then add trees, humming birds and kiirtan, and stir!

Delve into the ancient yoga philosophy, and take your next step the path of spiritual evolution.

What you will learn

Our day begins with group yoga classes, kiirtan (chanting) and meditation. We will enjoy nature walks, delicious vegetarian food, music, games and inspiring stories. There will also be opportunities for individual instruction and learning your personal meditation technique.

Workshops include:

Deepening Your Meditation Practice – how to sit, when to sit, what to think about, how to make it enjoyable!

Yoga Health Secrets – yoga postures, food, vegetarian cooking, fasting and more

Yoga Cosmology – what is Consciousness, Mind, Matter and Spiritual Evolution?

Chakra Theory – How the vital energy of the body can be brought into harmony. How to cultivate serenity, concentration and creativity.

History of the Yoga & Tantra – how is it related to Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism

The Guru Tradition – the role of the mentor on the spiritual path.

Dharma and Religion – examining the natural expressions of human spiritual yearning, and learning to distinguish between Dogma and Spirituality.

So You Said You Want a Revolution: A Spiritual Approach to Social and Economic Justice

Learning Environment

The Atmosphere that develops during an extended spiritual retreat will take you to a new level of experience in your meditation, bringing you a greater understanding of its benefits in daily life. It is amazing how quickly a feeling of closeness and being part of a spiritual family develops on retreats like this. The only problem is that at the end no-one wants to leave.

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Dada Nabhaniilananda was ordained as a yoga monk in 1979. As well as being a  teacher of meditation and yoga philosophy he is a professional musician and author.

Didi Ananda Lalita has been a spiritual teacher with Ananda Marga for 30 years. She is the director of the model ecological land community Ananda Dhiira, and is an expert in nature awareness exercises. She is also a talented photographer.

Didi Shveta has taught meditation for ten years and will be leading the yoga asana classes.

Anadi Heisler has practiced meditation and yoga for 12 years. He is a talented film maker and helps run the Meditation, Mind and Mysticism course at UC Berkeley.

What to bring

meditation/ yoga blanket or mat

bedding – we provide a carpeted floor space, but no beds

loose clothing for yoga classes

notebook and pen

sunblock & toiletries

clothes and shoes for outdoor walking

musical instruments

your sense of humor, enthusiasm, positivity and love for all.


Arrival Wednesday May 19th by 5pm

Depart Monday May 27th at 3pm


Early Bird Rate means by May 14th midnight. After that both rates go up by $15. I’m serious.

Ridiculously low Student Price early bird rate:: $145

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