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Updates: August 2017

With the help of more than 150 generous supporters we have raised $12,000 through a crowdfunding campaign and now our team are hard at work building the app.

Planned release is November 2017.

This is a Free app. We will need ongoing funds for maintenance, different language editions and upgrades. Your support is greatly appreciated.


The Free Bliss Timer Meditation App will make it easy for anyone to meditate with the Baba Nam Kevalam Universal Mantra.
It will enable:
1. Anyone to develop a regular meditation habit
2. Teachers to share the app with their students
3. Teachers to remain connected with their students

Where Did This Idea Come From?

I’ve found that when I create a product in response to people asking for something, lots of people adopt it. When I don’t bother to ask people what they want and create something that my tiny brain imagines they will want, they usually don’t. I guess that is because I’m not them, I’m me.

I created the Sunrise Meditation recording because I got sick of people asking me if I had a recording of the guided meditation they’d just experienced. Now it has been downloaded and used by more than 20,000 people.

Then my friend Sudama wanted a bunch of customized versions of these guided meditations. Big hassle creating this. When I complained (only slightly) he came up with this brilliant idea of creating an app where people could play with the content by themselves and leave me in peace.

The Bliss Timer Meditation app is designed to do exactly that.

1. You choose from beautiful kiirtan chanting tunes and guided meditations and set the time and duration for your meditation.

2. Teachers give the app to their students, greatly increasing the chances of them meditating regularly.

3. The app records user contact information so that teachers can keep in touch with their students and hassle them, er, I mean inspire them to pursue their practice.