Real Dragons Don’t Cry

Real Dragons Cover final

In Book One of The Microvita Tree, the intrepid Doctor Dogalogue is sent to Earth from Zondgraz in the fourteenth century on a mission to find the last remaining seed of the microvita tree in the long-submerged ruins of Atlantis. If he is successful in recovering the seed and replanting this magical tree, when it blossoms it will release a flow of spiritual energy that will transform the planet, ushering in a golden age of enlightened consciousness. But the only ones who know how to find Atlantis are Nefarious, the evil wizard, and Joe, the most fearsome dragon in the universe.

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The plan for the next four books:

Book Two: The Way of the Banana (due for release in 2016)

Book Three: The Detox Clinic from Hell

Book Four: The Egg from Earth

Book Five: The Battle of the Orange Dog