Close Your Eyes & Open Your Mind

– A Practical Guide to Spiritual Meditation

– Dada Nabhaniilananda

A beginners guide to spiritual meditation, this covers commonly asked questions, yoga health secrets, mantra meditation, sense withdrawal and concentration, the law of karma, intuition, and the role of a spiritualist in the world. It offers a simple but profound description of the true meaning of meditation, taking the reader well beyond stress management and relaxation. Full of stories, anecdotes and gentle humour this book makes the philosophy behind meditation accessible to both beginners and experienced meditators.

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Includes Free Resources and Guided Meditation recordings

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The Microvita Tree Book One:

Real Dragons Don’t Cry

– Dada Nabhaniilananda

Real Dragons Cover final

In Book One of The Microvita Tree, the intrepid Doctor Dogalogue is sent to Earth from Zondgraz in the fourteenth century on a mission to find the last remaining seed of the microvita tree in the long-submerged ruins of Atlantis. If he is successful in recovering the seed and replanting this magical tree, when it blossoms it will release a flow of spiritual energy that will transform the planet, ushering in a golden age of enlightened consciousness. But the only ones who know how to find Atlantis are Nefarious, the evil wizard, and Joe, the most fearsome dragon in the universe.

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